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Back pain teleworking

Back pain is an increasingly common problem today. A sedentary lifestyle and a lack of physical activity are the most common causes of lumbar pain. We must consider that over 80% of lumbar discomfort cases are not related to any specific structural alterations of the spine, (such as a herniated disc or osteoarthritis of the joints) but by a lack of tone in the musculotendinous structures.

With the arrival of the pandemic, reports of lower back pain have increased because of a lack of physical activity, an incorrect posture, or a poorly designed workspace. The act of going to the office included benefits like short walks, the use of ergonomic chairs, monitors and workspaces that are better structured workspaces.

Since teleworking came to stay, we offer some recommendations that will help you avoid, to a certain degree, positions that will become painful and maintaining an adequate physical activity level:

  1. Walk for an hour a day. Walking 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon, tonifies the muscles and prevents stiffness of the fascia that covers and strengthens them. Additionally, overall health is improved.
  2. Pay attention to the position you adopt during work is very important, in addition to the chair, the desk, the positioning of the computer and keyboard. Sometimes companies help with the adaptation of the necessary workspace materials to make sure that workers have an adequate workspace in their homes. A bad head and shoulders position can enhance back pain. To the same degree, a bad posture can provoke a distension of the spinal ligaments and cause pain.
  3. Make sure you get up and change positions occasionally. Staying seated for a long time increases pressure in the interspinal discs and if they are damaged, they can get irritated. Try to avoid prolonged static situations, make time to get up to drink water or to make a phone call.

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